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10 Astonishing Facts About Weed Delivery That you Should Know

10 Astonishing Facts About Weed Delivery That you Should Know

Weed has quite a history, from being illegal some few years back to its availability for adults’ for recreational and medical reasons. Consequently, the cannabis act was passed in 2018 to protect public health through strict quality and safety regulations.

Today, getting weed at the comfort of your home is possible, thanks to weed delivery services. They have simplified buying weed, even more, getting rid of the hassle weed buyers used to go through to get weed products. Just a click or a tap on your phone, and you have it delivered to your doorstep.

However, there are many amazing facts about weed delivery that many people aren’t aware of, and you’ll be surprised and wonder if they are even true. Let’s explore!

  1. Guarantees Privacy

Privacy is probably why cannabis users prefer using delivery services instead of going down to a local dispensary. Not everyone is comfortable walking into the cannabis store for some reason. To some, it saves them from judgy people who are still uneasy about the use of weed. During delivery, the company conceals the products using unmarked vehicles and unbranded packages for utmost privacy.

  1. They are Affordable

Online retailers don’t have to open up a physical store because of online buying and door-to-door delivery. This lowers operational costs since there are no overhead costs, thus saving money passed down to customers through competitive prices.

Also, delivery services usually have coupons and gifts for first-time buyers, and you can take advantage of these deals. In addition, storefronts pay higher taxes that inflate their prices. On the other hand, online stores operate in a “legal grey area” that allows them to pay little in taxes.

  1. Free Delivery

Whenever you place an order online, there’s a shipment fee you have to pay.  While this is the case for online weed sellers, you can get free delivery to your home if you spend a certain amount. For instance, some online stores require you to buy weed worth a minimum of $100 and have it at your doorstep without delivery fees.

  1. Generate Tax Revenue

The cannabis industry is now a significant contributor to the country’s economy. This industry is now among the hottest revenue streams, and it keeps rising. A recent report shows that the weed industry injects about $8.16 B into Canada’s economy.

  1. Online Payment

Modern shoppers expect sellers to provide hassle-free payment options. However, the cannabis industry is a bit different; there are still obstacles regarding online payments. The most common payment method for many weed stores is e-transfer. This is the safest way for both the buyer and the seller.

Some delivery services only accept cash payments for local deliveries. You can check out the payment information on their website or inquire with their office.

  1. Same Day Delivery

Some cannabis users use weed to relieve certain conditions like pain and anxiety. This means that sometimes they may need to replenish weed stock urgently when they run out. In this situation, a same-day delivery service will be helpful. A reliable online store will deliver your weed supplies within 2 hours.

  1. Returns

Let’s face it. There are times you purchase a product online only to be disappointed. The product may be defective, poor quality, among other reasons, and you may wish to return it to the seller. Well, the good news is, some online sellers have return policies for such situations. They can refund your amount or exchange it for a good one.

  1. Legal

While buying and selling weed is now legal, you should be wary of third-party businesses operating without licensing from the government. Some cannabis sellers lack permission to deliver weed, but they will still pop up at your address. Ensure to carry out due diligence to avoid such black market cannabis sellers.

To find out the legitimacy of the delivery service, visit their website and check the certifications they have. Most legal online sellers always make this information easily accessible.

  1. Various Weed Products

Most cannabis enthusiasts have their favorite weed strain, so it is a factor delivery services consider. Online stores have an extensive menu of weed products on their website. This saves you time because you can easily find what you are looking for. But, this is not the case with physical stores, as they have limited space for storage.

  1. 10.Scheduled Cannabis Delivery

You may be having a tight schedule and find it difficult to get time to walk up to the weed dispensary. This is where delivery service comes in handy as they offer scheduled deliveries. You simply put in an order and specify when you want your package delivered. It frees your time for other important things in your journal.


There are many impacts the delivery services have had on the cannabis industry. Their availability has been a revolution that has positively changed the shopping experience of weed lovers. You can now conveniently order your favorite strain at the comfort of your home. But make sure to look for a reliable vendor that will sell you premium quality weed products.


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