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10 Health Benefits of CBD Oil That Everyone Should Know

The human brain has a working capacity that is unequaled even by the present-day supercomputers. It would take a whole millennium for them to come up with a robot that is, in essence, smarter than man. Matter of fact, they’ll never reach that point of brilliance. This is because humans are only able to maximize and use just about 10% of their brainpower. This is evident when one enters a hypnotic state – you can achieve things you only see in movies (you still won’t defy gravity).

You probably are yet to see the connection between the human brain and CBD oil. Drug users are generally known to exhibit signs of hyperactivity as they enter the psychotic state. You’ve probably tested what’s it’s like to get high, even on alcohol, but you’ve probably never found yourself in a position of building imaginary British castles in the air. The health benefits of CBD oil simply trace back to the effect it has on the brain. Before arriving at any ludicrous decision, don’t think CBD oil will display any psychoactive symptoms on you. But what is CBD oil good for anyway?

Understanding CBD Oil

The full name is Cannabidiol and it is among the known compounds of the cannabis plant which is now used for therapeutic purposes. This should not be confused with THC which gives you the munchies while taking you off to wonderland. It thus displays different characteristics and is now used for different purposes.

While there may be many uses of CBD oil in mainstream adverts today, you need to embrace the potential risks of using it. Pure CBD Geek also shows how using unverified CBD oil products could lead you to counterfeit products or even falsely-stated product composition. It’s not simply a matter of going online and checking out the best organic CBD oil products you can find!

Now, how does CBD oil work in the body? The effects of CBD oil go back to the naturally produced cannabinoids in the brain – CB1 and CB2 receptors. While THC was thought to interfere with the CB1 receptors which affect memory, appetite, movement and coordination, emotions, and pain, CBD was thought to attach to the CB2 receptors. These latter receptors are closely associated with the immune system and a great deal with pain and inflammations. Nonetheless, recent studies show that instead of attaching to either of the receptors, CBD oil generally directs the body to make more frequent use of its own cannabinoids.

What is CBD Oil Good for?

Even though we’ll offer you the following list from our experience and studies, it is imperative to realize that there are insufficient data and research regarding this subject. Scientists and doctors have been known to use lab rats and animals as test subjects but still, there is little data on the myriad of possibilities when it comes to using CBD oil. Therefore, not only should you practice dire caution before embarking on CBD oil but also seek professional help and never attempt to tempt fate if the subject is under certain medication.

Consider the following realized health benefits of CBD oil:

  1.        CBD Oil for Anxiety

Brazilians are primarily credited for discoveries of using CBD oil for anxiety as an anxiolytic drug. Many suffering from social anxiety disorders has also brought in positive reports on how CBD oil has changed their lives. While THC normally increases tension and anxiety, CBD oil is known to act as a relaxant that steams down the whole body. Therefore, if you have other anxiety disorders including PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, cases of paranoia or even general panic disorder, you should start considering this herbal way of getting you in a better place.

2.        CBD Oil for Pain

You haven’t already forgotten the brain receptors we previously talked of, have you? You should have noted that the CB2 receptors are closely associated with pain nerves. Cannabinoids could soon be listed under the ‘painkiller’ section of authorized drugs.

The best CBD oil for pain is known to subjugate cases of chronic pain. This is supported by 16 different studies. The chronic pain includes HIV patients, arthritic and those with multiple sclerosis pains and even fibromyalgia. Those ready to buy CBD oil online for this purpose should consider small doses of THC in combination with Cannabidiol.

 3.       CBD Oil for Rheumatoid Arthritis

In certain scenarios, ignorance is bliss. However, seeing you here assures us that you want to lift the layer of ignorance by educating yourself right. We’ve already seen how CBD oil has anti-inflammatory behavior which in turn eases swellings and joint pain. If you, therefore, are considering CBD oil for arthritis, then know for sure that it will reduce the progression and still assist you to take care of that intense pain. Just ascertain the recommended CBD oil dosage from a professional.

4.        CBD Oil for Depression and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases

Medication has made it quite hard to discover people around us who are walking with brain diseases. However, most medicines do not provide a cure but only hide the symptoms from showing up. Some of the common symptoms in most neurodegenerative diseases include muscle twitching and seizures which happen to take place even when you least expect them.

CBD Oil works a bit differently by going to the core of the brain and trying to reverse the condition. Therefore, doctors are now using CBD oil for epilepsy and are also consider it as a treatment plan for Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

5.     Change of Habits

Another benefit of Cannabidiol is that it has the potential to get you off of the hook of harmful substances. Cigar smokers who started using CBD oil have reported less dependency on smoke and nicotine. As if that were not enough, users of heroin and opioid painkillers who were exposed to a rehabilitation plan with the best CBD oil tablets reported quicker recovery and change from addiction as compared to those who never used CBD oil. No worries here, you won’t be getting addicted to CBD oil since that isn’t one of its properties.

6.        Immunity and Heart Health

Without involving much scientific jargon, the interaction of CBD oil with the receptors returns them to an autoimmune state. The body is thus more capable of fighting diseases and healing quicker. It also goes to soothe the arteries while still relaxing the blood vessels. Together with its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil ends up stabilizing the heart rate while bringing back the heart rhythm. Now you can see why weed smokers are recognized as enjoying a longer life span.

 7.        CBD Oil for Stress and Insomnia

Free radicals in the body are normally neutralized by antioxidants. When this fails to occur regularly, the person starts experiencing a build-up of oxidative stress which can lead to depression. With all the neuroprotective and antioxidant properties of CBD oil, the free radicals will have nothing on you.

Once the body has embraced this relaxed state, it is easy to enter deep phases of sleep. This drowsiness can be unwelcomed especially when it comes during working hours. You might even think death is calling you as many have, but it’s good for you if you’ve been having challenges getting to sleep. Relaxation and more sleep – sounds a lot like paradise.

 8        Flawless Skin

In a world where looks are everything, skin diseases can be a major hindrance even to your social interactions. Studies show people with acne and other skin diseases have lower self-esteem than those who considered themselves overweight. Thus, when we found out how CBD oil for skin is being applied to treat skin conditions, we had to also share the good news.

Users of Cannabidiol experience a higher rate of abnormal cell death than non-users. As an oil, it also smoothens the skin while minimizing the production of sebum. This has assisted medics to associate the herbal extract to the treatment of acne vulgaris.

9.        CBD Oil for Weight Loss

We’ve been saving up the best for last – or is it almost last?

When you start this medication, you will likely experience a great decrease in appetite. Some have had negative effects of nausea but that’s beside the point.

Furthermore, Cannabidiol users also enjoy a larger percentage of brown sugars which are the positive sugars that help combat the white sugar cells. All these points put together end up causing you to lose a couple of pounds. Relying on this method alone, however, to lose weight will not be as effective as they’ve told you. Stop counting the days and start working out.

 10.        The Untested

Do you have a friend relying on CBD oil for cancer? If you do, share in the comment section how the treatment is going for him.

Nevertheless, cancer patients are known to go through pain especially when going through chemo. We do not need to go back to the pain-soothing properties of CBD oil. More to that, the hemp extract significantly reduces the spread of cancerous cells. This has, in turn, helped monitor certain types of cancers.

In addition to that, type 1 diabetes is also under investigation as to how CBD oil affects the pancreas and insulin production. So in a way, it is some miracle cure under further investigation.

That notwithstanding, there are also the possible risks of being involved with CBD oil.

Risks Involved

This is the other side of the coin and it happens to be more prevalent in some than in others. If you continually experience some of these side effects, make sure you stop and consult a physician.

o   Nursing and expectant mothers should keep away from CBD oil products to avoid birth defects and problems with the development of the baby.

o   If on other medication, Cannabidiol may be extremely dangerous to your health as it may react with other drugs in the liver thus causing liver failure and complications.

o   Dryness and reduced urination are also likely to occur. Drink regular glasses of water, even if you have to.

o   Irritability and increased anxiety if used in larger proportions.

Conclusion: This was just the tip of the iceberg. Should you decide to research further, you are likely to come up with more health benefits of CBD oil as well as its determinants. As they say – don’t believe everything you see. If you feel you require the product, you can’t know if it will work for you if you are scared away by the risks involved. Make every attempt to start with a small dosage as you steadily increase it. This will prevent you from taking on more than you could chew. Regardless of what you decide, you can always buy CBD oil at PaletteMarket.

What other health effects of CBD oil do you know? Cbd oil and pregnancy; do you think the 2 go together? Let us know in the comments!

Author’s Bio: Rich is the husband and father of two and has been a campaigner of marijuana since early 2000. Being also a dietician and clinician, he started paying more attention to the need for people to embrace herbal medicine. His blog offers you more insight on how to live a healthier lifestyle as you go herbal.

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