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2020 Holiday CBD Gift Guide

2020 Holiday CBD Gift Guide

Welcome to the 1st CBD holiday gift guide where we are going to highlight some cool CBD products that came out this year that we think you should try. Or even better give as a gift this year. 🙂

Products shown are in no particular order, so be sure to scan them all and give a few a try.

Vitafusion CBD Vitamins

America’s #1 Gummy Vitamin Brand, vitafusion™ has introduced a CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Extract gummy that offers a trusted, high-quality hemp gummy vitamin that fuses fruit and other natural phytocannabinoids into a yummy gummy vitamin.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Designed and tested to ensure identity, purity, strength, and composition, so you can have a pep in your step and feel ready to take on this new year like a boss!

If interested, happy to send you further information or you can head on over tohttps://www.vitafusioncbdhemp.com/ for details.

Extract Labs Full Spectrum Extract Tanks

Extract Labs’ full spectrum Extract Tanks are among the most natural vape oil products on the market and are an easy way to get started with vaping CBD. Extract Tanks use only CO2-extracted distillate and terpenes. They do not contain any common fillers such as vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, MCT, or thinning agents, and are vitamin E acetate-free, guaranteed. Δ8 Extract Tanks are 500mg Δ8 THC/CBD/CBG and 510 threaded. Available in two strains, both Delta 8 Tanks are members of our Private Reserve line, meaning the terpenes used in the recipe were extracted in-house from American Hemp.

Sour Ghost: Experience the rewards of one farmer’s dream to cultivate a strain with superior flavor and effects. Exclusive to Extract Labs, Sour Ghost delivers on its genetic pedigree to annihilate pain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. The flavor contains notes of citrus, herbs, and pine.

Ogre Berry: Grown by our expert farmers exclusively for Extract Labs, Ogre Berry will have you feeling like an All-Star. Experience an uplift in mood accompanied by energy and motivation. Flavor contains notes of hops, herb, and pepper.

KERACELL CBD Skin & Hair Care

KERACELL is a revolutionary skin and hair care line which uses human stem cell technology fused with CBD, the only brand putting these into one product. As well as being used by high-end medical spas and physicians, the brand has many celebrity clients including Kate Hudson, Erin Foster, Demi Moore, Chris Noth, Debra Messing, Sara Foster, Naomi Watts, Cate Blanchett, Linda Resnick, Samantha Hoopes, and Rebel Wilson, and is a favorite with celebrity hairstylist Robert Vetica.

The benefits offered by KERACELL products include:

  • Bio-active ingredients such as minerals and targeted peptides

  • Anti-aging

  • Cleansed pores

  • Firmer, rejuvenated, and brighter skin

  • Revitalized hair scalp

  • Line filling and erasing

Products stocked by KERACELL include: Instant Hand Sanitizing Gel with CBD, Enzyme Exfoliating Scrub, Sleeping Beauty Overnight Mask, Soothing Daily Facial Moisturizer, Liquid Gold Enriching Elixir, Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser, Pore Clearing Cleanser, Anti-Aging Hydrating Mist, Revitalizing Hair & Scalp System, Eyelash and Brow Boosting Serum, Invigorating Shampoo, Fortifying Conditioner and Hair Strengthening Spray.

EssentialCandy CBD Hard Candies

EssentialCandy CBD Hard Candies Review

Essential Candy CBD, all-natural healthy hard candy infused with pure essential oils, offers CBD Blends in Mandarin, Peppermint, Lemon Ginger, and Fennel. Containing no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners, Essential Candy is vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, low-calorie, and low-carb, and contains just three grams of sugar per piece. From pure water to natural organic cane sugar, the candy’s ingredients remain true to their original source.

Price: Starts at $19.00

Available: https://www.essentialcandycbd.com/

Northern Lights CBD Flower

CBD Flower USA produces an indoor Indica dominant strain that can only be described as heavenly. Northern Lights is a beautiful flower that is adored by all Indica CBD enthusiasts. This strain is a three-time cannabis cup winner that is grown hydroponically in an indoor light deprived environment. Picturesque to look at, this CBD flower contains dense buds with a Kush nose. Typically boasts a high 26.15% total cannabinoids and over 20% CBD.

RESET Bioscience

The brand is revolutionizing the cannabinoid space with its RESET Balance formula, the first water-based, THC-Free*, CBD tincture of its kind. The product sets itself apart from competitors using it’s proprietary nanotechnology delivery system and is scientifically proven to be effective.
RESET Balance comes in two sizes: a 15mL bottle with 300mg CBD or a countertop 1L bottle and pump with 10,000mg CBD in neutral and peppermint flavors. 
In November 2020, RESET Bioscience is set to launch additional water-based cannabinoid products including a CBG isolate (digestion & inflammation), CBN isolate (rest & relaxation) and Broad Spectrum formula (for the entourage effect –  the theory suggests that using the whole hemp plant, rather than one singular aspect, boots benefits and overall therapeutic effect of cannabinoids) all true to RESET Bioscience’s commitment to wellness through scientific efficacy. 
Available at resetbioscience.com
Retail prices range from $64.99 – $949.00

CBD Plaza Trial Bundle

CBD Plaza carries hundreds of CBD Products from America’s best brands. We have an innovative subscription product that allows people to sample the best CBD products in America every month. The monthly subscription includes at least 2 trial sizes of premium CBD products from different brands, and the products change every month. This solves a big problem for people who are new to CBD, allowing them to experiment with different products and find the right one for them.

Only $29.99 per month, and you’ll get $15 off your first month with coupon code trial15.


Warfighter Hemp

Warfighter Hemp is offering a “Holiday Calm Bundle” for $89 that contains a 900 mg tincture, 1000 mg Full Spectrum Topical Lotion, and a Bath Bomb 4Pack.

Warfighter Hemp makes all its products in the USA with industry hemp organically grown in Colorado. Warfighter Hemp also donates 50% of all proceeds to nonprofit organizations that support veteran independence.
Check it out at warfighterhemp.com.


E1011 Labs Elon Starter Kit

We’re all looking for ways to uplift our spirits and unwind – quickly and safely. That’s where new tech for harnessing whole plant power comes in for those who are discerning.. It’s formulated for high-bioavailability to get from stress to calm in less than ten minutes. It also removes vitamin E, other unnecessary additives, the harms of smoking (a.k.a. flammable combustion), while letting you access the best aspects of consuming the whole hemp plant rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and botanical compounds. And with biodegradable cartridges, it gives peace of mind that you won’t be contributing to more landfill plastic (the last thing the Earth needs right now).
E1011 Labs is taking a new approach to stress relief and CBD/CBN consumption – without the stigma or the dangers – with our futuristic Elon Starter Kit.

Pure For Life CBD Topicals

– Pure for Life CBD Serum offers natural raw product of highest quality not altered by heat

– Synergetic CBD Serum that is a blend of oils and terpenes mirroring the original plant

– Created directly from unaltered pure food-grade plant concentrate

– Pure for Life products delivers preserved natural potency and nutritional value of the plant

– CBD Extracted through room-temperature single-pass food grade process

Check em out at


Alive & Kicking CBD/CBG Flower Pre-Rolls

Specializing in whole flower CBD and CBG products. Their main product are these super-thin pre-rolls. They’re much smaller than a cone or standard size cigarette. We found that cones and king-sized cigs were too much flower for us in one sitting. We wanted something that was a bit more sessionable so we could have multiple over the course of an evening. They come 14 to a pack and include a humidity insert in each one to ensure freshness.
Recently they launched a line of jar flower – including both CBD and CBG. We’re really excited by the CBG flower and have been enjoying it ourselves as well.

Color UP CBD Moisturizer

Color Up Tinsel-Time Trio Kit, $48, Great to gift, or keep for yourself. Taking the guesswork out of skincare, this trio of Color Up’s newest collection of products offers an uncomplicated approach to glowing skin with a wash, moisturizer, and serum.
• Wash Up Facial Cleanser
• Level Up Facial Serum
• Drink Up Facial Moisturizer

Panic Aide CBD Shots

Panic Aide is a CBD product as is their PM product. Panic and anxiety are hitting record highs with the pandemic pushing us over the edge. The American Psychiatric Association recently found a big increase as 38% of teenage girls suffer with an anxiety disorder, and on college campuses anxiety is now more common than depression. Made by a mom who suffers from horrible anxiety and panic and her son inherited it as well which made it a priority. Doctor recommended, quotes, interviews and data available. The facts: Panic Attacks hit 1 in 4 people, women are TWICE as likely to get them, 1 in 3 adults Americans are either anxious or afraid to fly What is it? It is a 2oz shot that will help relieve panic attacks in its tracks. It doesn’t PREDICT Panic Attacks or PREVENT them, but when you are having one it will help you get back to a place of peace within 15 minutes. It travels safe and fits easily in your purse or jacket pocket for when you need it. www.PanicAide.com

&Sunny CBD Products

They are a self-care brand of CBD products made for women by women for all-day, everyday use.  We combine premium Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil with adaptogens and natural botanicals, including therapeutic-grade and cosmetic-grade essential oils, to provide the most beneficial effects from our line of products.

Every single product that &Sunny creates must meet high standards when it comes to quality, efficacy and enjoyment. From the initial brainstorming all the way down to final testing, many steps take place before it gets to customers. &Sunny products are made for daily self-care, which is why we offer a variety of products in a variety of scents. We offer self-care products for use throughout the entire day, from the time you wake up to the time you’re climbing back into bed; the best way to add CBD into your daily routine.

Follow &Sunny on Instagram

Lokus Nutrition CBD Soft Gels

Lokus Nutrition has tinctures, soft-gels, Therapeutic Cream and a pet oil. Now the tricky part…how to differentiate these from the others. Won’t bs you that our stuff will make one more attractive to the opposite sex or that you’ll get six pack abs. Our CBD is grown in Colorado and our lab is in Arizona. It’s pure and it has been helping our customers. The soft gels, cream and pet products might be interesting. Customers have been using the 750 Soft Gels like crazy during COVID to manage anxiety and stress…and how do you put a dollar value on that?
Where the product is sold:
$30 – $65.00

TreCeuticals CBD Skincare

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based TreCeuticals skincare blends nature’s best plant-based ingredients with scientific research to offer CBD oil-infused skincare. Reverse symptoms of aging or stress with a simple 3-minute a day routine using the Sunday Peel, Priming Cleanser, Everyday But Sunday pad, Infusing Hydrator, and Mist Me Baby! Purchase the TreEssentials kit for $299, or select items individually.

Founded by retired executives Sharon Skaar and Erin Dodd, the company launched in March 2020. Products are delivered directly to consumers via online purchases or in person from our team of Brand Advocates. TreCeuticials is 100 percent vegan, Leaping Bunny certified, and 100 percent sourced and packaged in the U.S.

Visit www.treceuticals.com to learn more.

RECEPTRA Naturals Premium Hemp CBD

Their Pain Relief Set is a great fit for anyone living an active lifestyle or dealing with joint or muscle discomfort. It is great for hard working parents, professional athletes (I’m actually a professional female boxer and I use this set), weekend warriors or anyone with age-related joint or muscle pain. These two products are also our two best sellers.

The difference: Our Targeted Topical has been rated the #1 Topical CBD of 2020 by The CBD Insider. It also contains arnica and camphor for better absorption. Our Serious Relief Tincture has the added benefits of turmeric and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Based in Colorado and they have their own farm where they plant, grow and harvest the hemp. They also have our own in-house chemist who formulates our products. Each of our products is third-party tested and has a scannable QR code that links directly to the test for that product.

Island Therapeutics CBD Trasdermal Patches

A CBD company from Vancouver Island, Canada selling both in the United States and Canada. Our most unique product is our CBD transdermal patch. We combine CBD with natural anti inflammatory ingredients such as ginger, shaogal and curcumin. That, along with our patent pending two layer delivery system provides for optimal anti inflammatory effect.

Prana Principle Professional Series CBD Topicals

Prana Principle’s Sleep Lotion combines natural botanicals, essential oils and CBD to nourish your skin and help you get a good night’s sleep. The natural, calming scent of lavender combines with topical melatonin to give you a CBD lotion that will quickly become an essential part of your bedtime routine.

Tranquini WOWIE CBD Water

Wowie™ is an innovative hemp-infused stress-relief beverage that combines a unique mix of relaxing adaptogens and US-grown Hemp.
Check em out here https://www.tranquini.com/

Hempsy CBD Products

We take pride in providing high quality products designed for maximum functionality. Overall our customers describe being calmer and more balanced in both mind and body. Check em out at https://hempsy.com/

Altwell CBD Products

Whether you are experiencing a lack of sleep due to increased anxiety, learning to balance working from home with a houseful of children, or are looking for a midday snack to keep you focused, ALTWELL has carefully curated and effective premium CBD-Infused products to help with one’s mind, body, and soul. Check em out at https://altwell.com/

Cordial Organics CBD Bitters

Our bitters are delicious in alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages. I love them in bubbly water with a twist of lime.

CBD Organics Salve & Soap

You need the confidence of knowing that anything used around you, your family or treasured pets has been fully tested and approved in a third-party lab. The team at CBD Organics agrees — we go the extra mile to ensure our products are made from 100% organic, pesticide-free hemp.

Whether you’re suffering from stress and anxiety or simply want a good night’s sleep, our high-quality organic CBD products are manufactured under the most exacting standards for your safety.

Smplstc ACTV CBD Oil

The holidays can be a stressful time, give the gift of relaxation with smplstc’s celebrity loved CBD tinctures. Available in Sleep, Calm, or Energy formulas, the tinctures are infused with unique flavors like blood orange, mint, lavender, and honey. Each blend is sustainably sourced, pesticide-free, carefully extracted, and independently lab tested for purity. Fans of the brand include TV star James Maslow.

Forth CBD Products

Made from U.S. grown hemp that serve as a starting point for adults looking to incorporate CBD products into their wellness routine.  Forth CBD is made with the highest quality ingredients and tested for quality and purity by third-party labs, which separates them from competing brands.

EAS also launched a campaign “How Do You CBD?” that encourages the consumer to think about how you can fit CBD into your wellness routine. The campaign also values CBD education and transparency for consumers.

Forth CBD is available in tincture drops, lotions, ingestibles and vapor. Get em here

Spark CBD Water

Harney & Sons CBD Tea

Get it here

Amma Healing Hemp Elixir

Mix into beverages for mood-enhancement and relaxation. This is not meant to put directly in the mouth. How do you know if its working? Before you drink it, notice how you feel? Check how you feel in 10 minutes. Are you more relaxed? If not try another dose.

Get it here

Meraki CBD Oil

Cinnamon flavored. Check it out here.

The Anxious Pet Calming Kit

The Anxious Pet CBD Review


The Anxious Pet is solely dedicated to helping pets (and their parents) live happier, more peaceful lives. All Anxious Pet products are veterinarian formulated, lab tested, and organic.

The Anxious Pet’s Calming Kit offers an effective, daily use calming support, 800mg hemp oil, together with the top-selling calming soft chew with CBD that dog’s love. Give the gift of relief to the pet lover in your life. This kit includes a treatment comprised of hemp oil twice daily and a special for those days they need a little extra love (in dog-approved flavors like Bacon and Peanut Butter!) $88

Evopure Flow CBD Oil

Here are some reasons why we’re different:
  • Our hemp is organically grown and non-GMO
  • We offset our carbon and plastic footprint by donating to environmental organizations and charities
  • We use broad spectrum CBD for all of the benefits
  • We are radically transparent with lab testing
  • There is a 30 day guarantee if you don’t like our products
  • More specifically about our Flow oil: it is made with a careful blend of ashwagandha, maca root and terpenes to reduce anxiety and external stressors.   
More and more people in 2020 have turned to supplements to help control stress and anxiety, and we’ve offered a solution by developing this blend that is made specifically for that purpose.

Kush Queen CBD Products

Kush Queen is a leading CBD brand based in California and founded in 2014 that features bath bombs, tinctures, topicals, beauty products and gummies in its product inventory. Kush Queen always keeps it unique and its customers intrigued with seasonal products and proven results!

Medterra CBD Products

As the holidays creep closer and closer, so does the stress of finding gifts for everyone on our lists. That’s why we are so excited to introduce Medterra’s Holiday Survival Gift Set, which will keep your family, friends, and YOU stress-free, energetic, and most importantly healthy this holiday season.

A $106.99 retail value for only $49.99, the Medterra holiday kit includes the following products that are perfect for introducing loved ones to the qualities and health functionality of CBD:

  • Keep Calm Gummies and CBD Gum, for combating stress

  • Sleep Tight Gummies, for restful nights

  • Stay Alert Gummies, for energy without the crash

  • Pain Relief Cream, for stubborn aches & pains

  • Immune Boost Drops, for the healthiest holiday season yet

**If whoever you’re gifting has a furry friend of their own, you can add Medterra’s CBD Pet Tincture in Chicken or Beef to the gift set for an extra $19.99.

If you’re all set on gifts this year but need some useful items to fill up stockings, Medterra CBD Gummies are the ideal addition. Available in convenient “Stay Alert,” “Sleep Tight” and “Keep Calm” packs, each gummy has 25mg of CBD in a plant-based formulation without any sugar coating or high fructose corn syrup. Each delicious flavor will add a dose of health to stockings otherwise full of sugary candy.

Chakra Xtracts CBD Products

Swanson CBD Products

Swanson CBD Oil
-Versatile oil tincture delivers 25 mg of CBD from full spectrum hemp extract per serving
-Swanson branded CBD products are the best value products around at the lowest price*
(*In our competitive set)

CBD Living Freeze
-Features full spectrum CBD hemp extract from organic hemp
-Natural menthol and promotes a soothing, cooling effect


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