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CBD Cigarettes Buyers Guide

If you are wondering ‘are CBD cigarettes safe?’, then yes, they are! You can smoke cannabis not only in the form of cigarettes but also in other forms like vapes, rolls, flowers, and so on. CBD cigarette’s health benefits are yet to be discovered in detail. But as far as scientists know, cannabis cigarette is safer than tobacco. We know that it contains THC, but the good news is that the THC content is negligible. Therefore, it does not cause much harm to your body. CBD cigarettes help in 40% smoking withdrawal, which is excellent news for any tobacco addict trying to get back a good life. Also, it comes with numerous health benefits that will help you lead a better experience. Before we move to what CBD cigarettes are good for, let us brief you on the types of cannabis cigarettes. Delve into the article to know more.

What are CBD Cigarettes?

Do you know exactly what CBD cigarettes are? They are cigarettes made of hemp that contains a higher amount of cannabidiol and a negligible amount of THC. They are the best possible replacement for tobacco cigarettes.

Types of CBD Cigarettes

If you are wondering, ‘are CBD cigarettes safe?’, then the good news is that they are safe to use. There are different types of cannabis cigarettes, and they are as follows:

  • Hemp trance CBD cigarettes: This is the most potent natural form of CBD cigarettes. These are organic cigarettes containing CBD, CBC, Terpenes, THC, and CBG. It lasts longer because of its slow-burning. The best part of this cigarette is that the sensation stays even after it is burnt completely. Also, this is the strongest of all types. Although it burns slowly, the sensation is felt instantly.
  • Plain Jane’s CBD cigarettes: These are found easily both in offline as well as online market. They also contain the entire CBD spectrum, which includes CBD, Terpenes, CBG, THC, and CBC. One CBD cigarette fact of Plain Jane brand that you will love is, it has absolutely no odor because it is made of rice paper.
  • Wellmart CBD Premium: They are the best among all because of the high premium quality they provide, that’s why the most expensive of all types. It contains hemp in pure form, therefore, offers the best experience. The quality of the cigar surely deserves the price.

Health Benefits Offered by CBD Cigarettes

You must be wanting to know ‘what are CBD cigarettes good for’, well, in this section we are going to give you plenty of benefits offered by cannabis smoking that are not found in other forms of cannabis intake. CBD cigarettes health benefits are as follows:

  • Works rapidly: Out of all other forms of cannabis including CBD oil, smoking cannabis has proven to work most rapidly and effectively. That is why you can feel the effects of CBD immediately after smoking. This happens because inhalation in our body has the fastest route of delivery. If you do not know what exactly a ‘route of delivery’ is, then it is a term to describe the path taken by a compound to enter our body. Therefore, the best CBD cigarettes help the cannabis reach directly to your brain without getting disturbed by the circulatory system.
  • Non-intoxicating: Well, most of the CBD cigarettes found in the market contain an almost negligible amount of THC, which makes them much less intoxicating than the other forms. Chances are there that you won’t get high if taken in a medium quantity.
  • The best alternative to vaping: There is a common misbelieve that vaping is way much healthier than smoking. But sadly, CBD cigarettes facts oppose the notion because vaping causes more harm to the lungs than smoking. After taking a closer look into the ingredients of vapes, doctors concluded that vitamin E acetate present in vapes is what causes the most harm. Therefore, next time onwards, prefer smoking over vaping!
  • Helps to cure inflammation: Inflammation is now as common as a headache for western society and it often leads to joint stiffness, pain, and other problems. When nothing comes to rescue, you can lean on smoking cannabis because it is proven as an awesome cure for inflammation.
  • Helps you quit nicotine cigarettes: Smoking CBD cigarettes can help you give up on nicotine. Nicotine causes a lot of health disorders, so, it is always recommended that you give up on nicotine as soon as possible.
  • Helps you achieve a calm mood: Although marijuana is considered the best for relieving stress, recent studies show that it can cause abnormalities like paranoia or anxiousness due to the high THC content. On the other hand, cannabis cigarettes contain no traces of THC, which makes it a better option for a calm mood.
  • Reduces back pain: CBD cigarettes for back pain is extremely effective. Therefore, in case you are suffering from severe back pain, do smoke cannabis for quick relief.

Risks of Smoking CBD

Everything comes with both positive and negative effects, the same goes for cannabis smoking. The risks of smoking CBD are as follows:

  •  While smoking cannabis, the people around you might mistake it as marijuana due to the same smell, therefore, you must take the responsibility of consuming the product properly.
  • Although it causes less serious effects on the lungs than marijuana, long-term consumption has shown a negative connection between CBD cigarettes and asthma. But if you choose a brand that produces CBD cigarettes containing 0% THC, then the chances of your lungs getting hurt decreases massively.

Where to Buy Them From?

It is often difficult to find these cigarettes in local dispensaries because many countries’ existing laws do not allow CBD and marijuana to be sold in shops. But the good news is that you can easily find CBD cigarettes online. You can order them as per your convenience and get them delivered right at your doorstep. Make sure that you do not smoke an overdose of these cigarettes. And also, if you face any problem, consult a doctor nearby.

Are CBD Cigar Legal?

Yes, it is legal but only when it contains THC not more than 0.3%. But certain countries do not allow the use of cannabis. Therefore, you must cross-check with the laws of your country before purchasing a cannabis cigar.


We hope that this article can help you know precisely what CBD cigarettes are, how they impact your health, and where to find them. Remember that in the beginning, if you are trying to give up on tobacco, it might be challenging to get comfortable with CBD. But after a few weeks, you will get habituated to it, and you’re going to love the experience. However, make sure that you consult a nearby doctor to know whether or not it is suitable for you. So, when are you planning to try them out? Do keep us posted!

Author’s Bio: Rae_H is a professional medical expert researching CBD to dig out its benefits. She expressed in a recent interview that cannabis is a boon to humans. She voices out her opinions through articles and blogs. Also, Rae_H throws light on the same in the seminars she attends.

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