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CBD & Cancer Treatments: Can CBD Cure Cancer?

CBD & Cancer Treatments: Can CBD Cure Cancer?

Treating Cancer with CBD

Living with cancer does not have to be painful nor does it have to be costly. There are now various cancer treatments that are not as expensive and won’t cause so much damage to the rest of your body as in the case of cancer medicine destroying your liver and other side effects. There are treatments such as CBD oil that can help you manage your illness and provide relief from pain.

Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical compound in the cannabis plant the give you that relaxed, euphoric state or ‘high’ when they bind with the brain receptors responsible for regulating your state of mind. In its oil form, it can be taken in orally by cancer patients to help them get relief from the pain that they are feeling because of cancer. CBD oils come from cannabis but are only made by licensed manufacturers. It cannot be reproduced at will without the right permits from the government. Without the right permit, producing CBD is considered illegal and could land you in jail.

CBD Benefits for Cancer Patients

People suffering from cancer have found that there are many benefits to using CBD in the treatment of their illness. Though there are still many more studies to be conducted before CBD can be a fully accepted treatment for cancer, it has one of the most promising developments based on many research and user accounts.

Many cancer patients and organizations have attested to the benefits of using CBD to treat cancer. Some of the benefits are:

  1. It can help treat not just one type of cancer – people who have different kinds of cancers often have to take different kinds of medications and needs specific to their illness. One medication may not work on another and vice versa. CBD can help treat many different types of cancer. Whether you have colon, breast, or lung cancer, you can use CBD to treat the many problems and get relief from the pain that comes with your illness.
  2. It can help manage pain – cancer is often accompanied by pain. Whether it is pain that comes from the illness or the pain that comes from the medication and treatment, pain is inevitable with cancer. It is one of the many reasons why people feel depressed, hopeless, and defeated. The pain that cancer brings affects the mind, the body, body and the spirit.

Managing pain is one of the best benefits that CBD brings. It eases discomfort, provides the cancer patient with feelings of euphoria, and helps him or her lessen the feelings of pain. Many people turn to CBD because it is considered less addictive than other forms of medication used in the treatment of cancer.

  1. It provides relief from nausea and vomiting – radiation treatments and chemotherapy are known as some of the best treatments for cancer. It is also the most grueling experience a cancer patient will have to endure. Some of these treatments make a person feel nauseated and weakened to the point where even the slight movements could take so much effort.

Radiation can also cause a person to vomit and feel unable to take in any food afterward. These side effects of cancer treatments can be minimized with the help of CBD. CBD has anti-emetic properties that can help reduce these uncomfortable effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This leads to…

  1. Better weight management and appetite – people who have cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy need their strength in order to fight cancer. Sometimes the treatments themselves make them feel weak and unable to take in more sustenance because of nausea and vomiting. When these things are controlled, the cancer patient can return to his regular eating habits and keep his strength up for the next round of chemo and radiation therapies.
  2. Improved mental health – finding out that you have cancer can make a person feel depressed, hopeless, and in despair. Many cancer patients wallow in these feelings which can hinder their chances of recovery. Their mental health takes a beating and they start to spiral into a world where they feel their life is already at its end.

CBD helps alleviate these feelings of extreme sadness by helping a person relax. The high that people get from cannabis can help cancer patients feel less depressed and more optimistic about their future. Feelings of optimism can make a person less inclined to let go of himself and instead fight cancer with all the hope in the world.

  1. It helps improve sleep – sleeping is one of the many things that cancer patients find hard to do. The chronic pain and the constant feelings of despair all keep a cancer patient’s mind worried and up all night. They often feel as if their lives are about to end so why bother with sleep. CBD again has that relaxing property that helps cancer patients relax and eventually fall asleep.
  2. It has anti-cancer properties – this is the best benefit of CBD. CBD is known to help kill tumor and cancer cells in the body. In various tests from many different pharmaceutical companies, they saw that CBD and THC trigger the death of cancer cells in tests subjects such as animals. They also found that CBD stops the spread of cancer cells in the test subjects.

CBD and THC also helped ‘starve’ the cancer cells by blocking off the formation of tumor cells in the blood vessels which they feed on. This effect of cannabis-based treatment is still in its early stage of testing and further studies are needed in order for this to be conclusive. Still, the promising discoveries have led many to believe that cannabis will eventually be able to cure cancer once and for all.

CBD Cancer Treatment

The cure for cancer is still elusive as of this writing. The treatment and management of this illness, luckily, have had a lot of breakthroughs. Though many people would still say that technology still has so far to go before it can truly eradicate cancer, the available treatments such as CBD are truly promising.

There are still so many things that scientists are trying to discover the way CBD treats cancer. As of now, here are some of the things that they have discovered.

  1. CBD disrupts the endoplasmic reticulum and pushes calcium into the cytosol to speed up the cancer cells’ death.
  2. In the case of Caspase Cascade, CBD breaks proteins and peptides in the cell that feed the cancer cell. By breaking the source that feeds the cancer cell, it dies.
  3. CBD helps ease pain and suffering that often accompany other types of treatment including chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  4. Helps cancer patients manage their illness so they don’t feel very weak. Cancer and some of the treatments can make a person feel very tired and fatigued. CBD helps them manage fatigue so they can function as normal as possible.
  5. One of the things that make cancer patients even sicker is the feeling of hopelessness and despair. When cancer patients feel this, their body seems to start a chain reaction where they no longer want to fight to stay alive and become healthy. Many cancer patients feel depressed which adds to the unpleasant feelings that make their sickness unbearable.

CBD helps change moods so that cancer patients don’t have to feel sad and depressed all the time. Even for a few hours, CBD makes a patient feel relaxed and less troubled with the euphoria and high that cannabis brings. During these instances, a person with cancer can better sleep, feel less anxious, and have a general feeling of happiness.

 CBD Cancer Testimonials

Many pharmaceutical companies are testing the effects of CBD on test subjects such as mice and other animals. They’ve also been conducting tests with people who are willing to undergo CBD treatment.

People who use CBD to treat their cancer have shown significant improvements. Some are better able to handle the pain that they feel and have become more optimistic about the outcome of their cancer. Others said that they feel they can move better and feel less pain than when they used medication. Many patients feel that using CBD Isolate does not damage their liver and other body parts the way that medication and chemo does. Many patients have reported that their cancer seems to have decreased in amount and size.

The success of using CBD for cancer treatment has caused many people to try clinical trials that contain this wonder substance. The testimonials about its effectiveness make it a great product to try. Hopefully, in the near future, there will be conclusive findings of the true potential of CBD.

5 Best CBD Oils to Try for Treating Cancer

One of the best ways to take in CBD is in the form of oil. These 5 CBD oils are worth trying if you want to find relief from your suffering.

  1. Real Scientific Hemp-derived CBD Oil – The good thing about this oil from Real Scientific is that it comes in three colors or variants. Each represents the strength of hemp extracts. The color coding helps people determine which amount to use for their needs.

There are three colors mainly Green, Blue, and Gold. The green label has the least amount of extract while the Gold has the most. This oil is taken orally. In order to use this CBD oil, you must place it on the tip of your finger or on a spoon and place the oil under your tongue.

  1. Aceso Beverage Powder – Another innovative product from Aceso is the cannabinoid in powder form. Though technically not oil, it contains the right concentration of CBD oil to suit your needs. This allows you to drink CBD oil like you would any powdered juice and still get all its benefits. It comes in 2 variants, the calm blend, and the soothing blend. The calm blend is colored yellow while the soothing blend is colored peach. Both contain different amounts of CBD oil to suit your needs. Aceso is one of the many famous manufacturers of cannabis-based treatments.
  2. Pure CBD Vapors from Wowi Maui – This 10ml bottle of hemp-derived CBD is for the people who like to smoke CBD oil. It contains 50mg of CBD and is made in the USA. It comes in a convenient size of 10ml bottle so you can easily take it with you wherever you go or hide it easily so people in your house will not know where it is. This is important especially if there are children around the house. Priced at just under $30, this CBD oil is very affordable.
  3. Kat’s Naturals – This CBD oil brand is a bit expensive than most but offers one of the best tinctures in the market today. Kat’s Naturals has had a long history of providing high-quality CBD oil, which makes it one of the most trusted brands. They also have an expansive line of CBD oil from tinctures, to sprays, and creams. They even sell CBD patches and other products that contain CBD.
  4. Populum – Another brand that has a relatively high selling point when it comes to CBD oil is Populum. Populum has a clean feel both in their design and products. They offer different milligrams of CBD oil to suit your needs.

If you are not fully satisfied with their product, they offer a full refund. Customers get a 30-day trial to test if the product helps them with their cancer issues. They also have excellent quality CBD oil and other hemp-based products.

So, Can CBD Really Cure Cancer?

The studies all point to positive results. Cancer cells are being destroyed by this substance.

Testimonials from people who agreed to test the effects of CBD in their life and battle against cancer also point to great results.

While many studies and testimonials point to this wonder substance for its many great benefits for cancer, it has not been proven to cure cancer just yet. Further testing and experimentation are needed in order to find out if there how big a role this substance will play in the race for the cure for cancer.

In a few months or a few years, the answer could be at hand. For now, the effects of CBD on cancer all tell you that using this will help keep cancer patients alive longer than other forms of treatment. It is only a matter of time before its true potential will be realized and cancer can be eradicated forever.

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