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Cowgirl SOSS™ CBD and Mushrooms (Review)



600 S Holly St., Denver CO


39.704632, -104.921556



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From The Editor:

From the moment I stumbled upon Cowgirl Soss™, it was clear that this wasn’t just another CBD company. The passion Paul and Tonya pour into their Colorado-based wellness brand is palpable, and their story is as authentic as it gets. After my marriage ended, I found solace in their story of new beginnings and the healing power of their products.

The first thing that struck me about Cowgirl Soss™ was the founders’ commitment to natural health and wellness. Their journey from testing cannabis-infused personal lubricants during the lockdown to creating a full-fledged line of plant-based remedies resonated with me. I was intrigued by their hands-on approach and the personal touch they bring to their brand, from the playful Cowboy and Cowgirl personas to their dedication to family and competitive sports.

I decided to try a range of their products, starting with the Sex Soss®. It was a game-changer, not just for its intended purpose but for the sheer joy it brought into my life. It was clear why their friends had gone crazy for it. But it wasn’t just about pleasure. Their Sore Soss became my go-to after tennis matches, helping ease the muscle aches that no longer faded as quickly as they did in my twenties.

Their commitment to quality is unmatched. Knowing that each ingredient is meticulously tested and that there’s a chain of custody for all raw materials gave me peace of mind. The fact that every batch of hemp is organically grown and THC-free was the cherry on top. With Cowgirl Soss™, I didn’t just find a product; I found a brand I could trust.

But what truly sets Cowgirl Soss™ apart is their community spirit. As a woman, supporting a woman-owned and family-run business feels empowering. Their dedication to supporting small businesses and their involvement with animal rescue efforts speaks volumes about their character. It’s not just about selling products; it’s about creating a positive impact.

Their pet CBD, which tastes like bacon, was a hit with my dog, and I could rest easy knowing it was made with human-grade ingredients and 0.0% THC. And when I learned about their CBD oil for horses, I was impressed by the level of care and specificity they provided for equine needs.

Using Cowgirl Soss™ products is more than just a daily routine; it’s a lifestyle choice. Whether it’s the Soak Soss for a relaxing bath, the 5280 Soss for inflammation, or the Sleep Soss for those restless nights, each product has been crafted with real-life needs in mind. And they work. They really do.

The accessibility of the founders is another aspect I deeply appreciate. Being able to reach out and talk to a human, to share feedback or seek advice, adds a layer of trust and personal connection that’s rare in today’s market.

In conclusion, Cowgirl Soss™ isn’t just another CBD/Mushroom company. It’s a brand built on authenticity, quality, and a genuine desire to improve lives. Paul and Tonya have created something special, and I’m not just a customer; I’m a believer in their vision of plant-based wellness. For anyone looking to embrace a natural approach to health, Cowgirl Soss™ is, without a doubt, the best Colorado has to offer.