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Our Story

I will never forget my son’s first seizure in 2000. He was 13 months old and I noticed his head drop slightly forward while his arms flared out like a bird spreading its wings. Lasting only a second or two, his movement could easily be mistaken as intentional – except for his eyes. They went completely blank as if staring far into the distance. Though it was small, subtle, and barely detectable, I knew something was wrong. After considerable difficulty enlightening his pediatrician, Riley saw a neurologist who diagnosed him with West Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy that devastates the brain. At the time, I thought this was a singular event that would eventually resolve itself. I had no concept of the harrowing, lifelong journey that had only just begun.

I’d like to tell a story of how CBD miraculously cured Riley’s epilepsy, but unfortunately, this was not the case – primarily because CBD was not readily available until quite recently. Instead, doctors prescribed a vast array of anti-epileptic pharmaceuticals in ever-increasing dosages. Despite their efforts, Riley suffered up to 10 seizures per day. Broadening his already wide spectrum of seizure types, Riley began to regularly experience drop seizures (atonic), causing him to repeatedly fall and seriously injure himself. After breaking his nose during an epileptic fall, he was forced to wear a hockey helmet both at home and at school. Riley’s epilepsy was growing worse by the day, and nothing seemed to slow its rampage. Our last resort was a sequence of brain surgeries performed at Stanford Children’s Hospital in February 2017.

We founded Power Flower to create awareness and provide unfettered access to the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids and other botanical compounds. Whether you are managing a specific condition or simply seeking to live a healthier, happier life, Power Flower is dedicated to helping you identify the right products to achieve your aspirations.


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11445 E. Via Linda, Suite 2406 Scottsdale, AZ 85259, USA


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